Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

Using a generator or other fuel-burning device within your home can produce carbon monoxide that can kill you. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced when any fuel is burned.

Advice from the EPA

Do not use fuel-burning devices such as gasoline-powered generators, gasoline-powered pressure washers, camp stoves and lanterns, or charcoal grills in homes, garages, or any other confined space such as attics or crawl spaces, or within 10 feet of windows, doors or other air intakes.

Have vents and chimneys checked to assure that debris does not block or impede the exhaust from water heaters and gas furnaces.

If you start to feel sick, dizzy or weak while using a fuel-burning appliance, get to fresh air right away. Go to the emergency room and tell the physician you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

Get more information about avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning.

Stay safe and keep metallic balloons out of power lines

Power outages happen when a metallic balloon touches a power line. An outage can affect thousands of Chelan County residents. 

Metallic balloons touching power lines can also cause fires, damage property and lead to injuries.

Help us keep our community safe!

  • DO NOT release metallic balloons into the air
  • Tie all ribbons to weights but DO NOT tie ribbons together
  • NEVER use metallic ribbon with helium-filled balloons
  • PROPERLY DISPOSE of metallic balloons – puncture and deflate before reusing or throwing away
  • NEVER try to retrieve balloons from power lines, Call (877) PUD-8123

Move over, slow down

PUD trucks responding to emergencies with lights flashing are now covered by the state’s “Move Over” law.

Please look for a safe place to move over or slow down to let the Chelan PUD line truck or other vehicles pass. #MoveOverSlowDown and help PUD crews restore power safely and quickly. Watch what our employees say about it.