Alcoa Proposed Term Sheet Notebook

The following information was presented to PUD Commissioners June 16, 2008. All documents are in .pdf format.

  1. Power Sales Agreement
  2. Transmission Agreement
  3. Amendment No. 2 to the Industrial Power Sales Agreement
  4. Memo to Board re: Proposed PSA and Transmission Agreements 6-16-08

The following information was presented to PUD Commissioners on Oct. 15. All documents are in .pdf format.

Index for notebook re: Alcoa proposed term sheet discussions
  1. Proposed timeline of discussions
  2. Brief history of Chelan PUD and Alcoa
  3. Pie chart of proposed portfolio approach
  4. Proposed term sheet with Alcoa
  5. Alcoa’s letter regarding plant investments, facilities study, committed to expenditures to keep plant operating through 2028
  6. Memo from District’s power contract negotiating team describing the major points of proposed term sheet
  7. Puget power sales agreement
    1. Dec. 5, 2005 memo describing major points
    2. Jan. 3, 2006 memo re: template aspects of Puget PSA
    3. Resolution No. 06-12830 approving Puget PSA and template provisions
  8. Hydro project descriptions
  9. Load-Resource balance projections to 2032
  10. Future surplus scenarios, post-2012 examples. Scenarios intended for future discussions with Board in 2008 about portfolio approach and potential contracts with other counterparties
  11. Future surplus scenarios that are mitigated by or recognized in the Alcoa proposed term sheet
  12. Transmission constraints (map)
  13. Economic evaluation of Wenatchee Works by CRU Strategies (international metals consultant) dated 4-12-07
    1. Conclusion of report: power supplied pursuant to the proposed term sheet to run three pot lines would increase probability that Alcoa will find it economically feasible to operate Wenatchee Works on a sustained basis over the terms in the proposed term sheet (2028) - Available upon Request
  14. Economic value of Alcoa to the community:
    1. Real estate taxes paid by Alcoa per Chelan County Treasurer
    2. Jobs and economic multiplier
  15. Cost compared to market - Three scenarios

Additional Documents