Electrical System Resiliency and Improvements in the Upper Valley

Chelan County PUD is working with a number of federal, state, local agencies and community groups to determine how best to protect and improve resilience to critical infrastructure in the event of a wildfire, ice storm, flood or other natural disaster. Together, the agencies are coordinating their efforts to identify improvements that protect infrastructure as well as local communities.

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The alternatives shown on these maps represent some of the PUD's initial thoughts for improving infrastructure resilience, and we're now looking more broadly for alternatives that not only improve infrastructure resilience, but also provide community wildfire protections.

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A photo of the shore of Lake Wenatchee
There are about 3,400 electrical system customers in the Upper Valley. We will continue to share information with the community and invite your feedback as more information becomes available.

Improving electrical infrastructure resilience in the Upper Valley due to windstorms, ice storms and wildfires has raised interest by state and local officials - including the PUD - to take a closer look at a comprehensive plan for improving resilience in the electrical system, as well as other vital infrastructure such as roads, water and communication systems. Click HERE to learn more about how the electrical system works.