Funding Growth

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This Online Open House is now closed, but you can still view this archive copy. 

Welcome to the Funding Growth Online Open House!

Chelan County is one of the fastest growing counties in Washington state, with Leavenworth and Chelan ranked in the Top 25 fastest growing cities in the state. As the county grows, so does our need for new electrical infrastructure, like substations, to serve that growth.

How did we get here?

During Chelan PUD’s last strategic planning process, customers expressed a preference to keep electrical rates low while still encouraging economic development in the county. We heard from you that you want us to explore options where growth can help pay for growth. Now staff have been tasked with determining the right level of fees to assess for new or expanding electric customer growth that will support construction costs for needed infrastructure while keeping customer rates low. As a result, Chelan PUD is proposing a system impact fee – a fee assessed to new customers to help recover costs for new infrastructure to serve them.

About this Online Open House

We created this Online Open House to guide you through the work that has been done and get your feedback. In it, you’ll find:

  • Background: Learn more about the strategic planning process; during this planning we heard from customers about their preference to have growth pay for growth.

  • Growth: See how and where our county is growing, what this means for our electrical infrastructure and options for funding new infrastructure.

  • System Impact Fees: Review Chelan PUD’s proposed system impact fee.

  • FAQ: See the answers to some of your frequently asked questions.

  • Comment: Provide us with your feedback on the proposed system impact fee.

You can progress forward through the topics by clicking the "Next" button below, or use the navigation above to skip to the topic of your choice.

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