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Scammers are at it again: Tthis time using caller ID to confuse PUD customers.

PUD replaces damaged distribution pole structures in Sleepy Hollow burn area: Transmission structures in the Sage Hills next.

Keep your (home) cool when summer temps head toward 100: Conservation experts offer tips for saving energy and money.

Energy efficiency

Don't cool your crawlspace: Seal the ducts in your site-built home and we'll send you a check for $500.

Commercial lighting incentives: Business owners, use PUD incentives to improve your outdoor or indoor lighting.

Spring cleaning: We recycle old refrigerators in working condition for free, then send you a check for $30.

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Don’t get scammed

Scammers are calling our customers. Learn how to outsmart the bad guys

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The Way We Were

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First concrete poured on pier #13 at Rock Island Dam, 1938.