Applicant Agreement for use of Parks


The Applicant hereby makes application to Chelan County PUD No. 1 ("PUD·) for use of PUD Park facilities described on the front side of this Application and certifies that the information given in the application is correct. The Applicant further warrants and represents that he/she has the authority to submit this application on behalf of any designated entity or person and agrees that he/she understands and will ensure compliance with all federal, state, and municipal laws, regulations, policies including but not limited to PUD Parks policies, rules and regulations. The Applicant agrees to exercise the utmost care in the use of PUD facilities, premises and property and indemnify, defend and hold harmless the PUD and others as set forth in Section VI on the front side of this Application

The Applicant understands and acknowledges that he/she is responsible for and aware of the following Applicant requirements:

  1. Additional garbage receptacles and/or service may be required within PUD sole discretion.


  2. Facility shall be left in the same, or better, condition as it was received upon arrival. This includes the restrooms. The Applicant is responsible for cleaning up the facility after the activity. This shall include removing Applicant's excess materials, equipment, furnishings and rubbish, during and after the use of the facilities. The cost of any additional cleaning or repairs that require PUD personnel will be charged to the Applicant and/or user group. All cleaning must be done immediately after the event.

  3. Repair and/or replacement shall be made of any PUD equipment lost, damaged or stolen, or facility damage as a result of the event.

  4. Monitor and control all participants and spectators in accordance with established park rules and regulations, special use conditions, and municipal, state and federal laws, rules, policies and regulations.

  5. Provide adequate adult supervision. This shall include proper police, fire and emergency medical protection where necessary.

  6. At no time shall any person connected with the event be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, controlled substances or legend drugs while in PUD park facilities.

  7. Use of PUD facilities is canceled when facilities are closed due to an emergency.

  8. Water is not available in any park facilities, including picnic shelters and outside areas, from Nov. 1 through March 31.

  9. The applicant must specify all requested facilities/areas on the application. The facility reservation areas and facilities described in the application apply to the reserved area only. Picnic shelters are not included in an athletic facility reservation.

  10. Due to the limited amount of parking available and other factors, the PUD reserves the right to limit the number of people in each park. Vehicle parking is restricted to designated parking areas. Vehicles are not allowed on lawn areas unless permitted in writing.

  11. Camping is prohibited, except in designated campgrounds or as authorized in writing by the PUD.

  12. Approved applications for use of PUD facilities shall be revocable at the discretion of the PUD and shall not be considered a lease. The PUD has the absolute right of cancellation without liability.

  13. Recycling required for single-use bottles or cans: RCW Chapter 70.93 amended in July 2007 requires event sponsors to recycle where beverages are sold by vendors in single-use aluminum, glass or plastic bottles or cans. For additional information on recycling options for your event, contact Waste Management, Ted Woodard, (509) 662-4591 or Will Russell (509) 387-6454. In Chelan, please contact Chelan Recycle at (509) 682-4663.

These requirements are not all inclusive or exhaustive. These are general conditions under which PUD parks facilities may be used and the responsibilities expected of users. Other PUD park rules, policies and regulations may apply, be added to these requirements, or otherwise adjusted as determined appropriate by PUD staff. Nothing herein shall or is intended to limit the PUDs remedies at law and in equity.