Whitewater Boating Reservation Form


The 2024 Whitewater Release is scheduled for September 21 & 22. Please register using the online registration form below.

Please note:
Registration must be completed in advance and will not be accepted on-site.
The deadline to register is September 19 at 5:00 PM.


The Chelan River is rated Class V / V+ (expert)

Reservation Requirements - Whitewater Boating on the Chelan River

All participants in whitewater boating activities on the Chelan River must comply with the following reservation requirements:

  1. All participants must complete the whitewater boating reservation form (below) online by 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday prior to the date of the release.
  2. Each participant must complete the liability waiver form.
  3. All reserved participants must be physically present at the designated kayak put-in location by 10:00 a.m. on the date of the release.
  4. No kayaker less than 18 years of age will be allowed and photo identification including date of birth must be presented upon request at the put-in area, prior to entering the river.
  5. It is recommended that all participants scout the river ahead of time on the day of the run.
  6. It is recommended that all participants watch a 20-minute video of kayaking in the Chelan River Gorge ahead of time, which is available on the Chelan PUD’s website.
  7. All participants will be asked to fill out an on-line survey within one week following the run.

Only non-motorized, hard-shelled kayaks or inflatables suitable for Class V whitewater and approved by American Whitewater in consultation with Chelan PUD will be allowed.

*Please Note:

  • Prior to the event, participants are required to complete the online registration form and sign the liability waiver electronically. We do not accept paper copies; registration is exclusively available online.
  • In light of the unique challenges of this run, a minimum of two paddlers must be present at the designated kayak put-in location.
  • An American Whitewater representative must be designated and present to oversee both days of the event and to serve as a point of contact between Chelan PUD and the paddlers should any questions or issues arise.
  • Chelan PUD will not be obligated to provide whitewater boating flow releases in the Chelan River when the previous day's average Stehekin River inflow is less than 333cfs, or when the Mid-Columbia Index is greater than $150/MWh (2001$) as adjusted pursuant to Section 10.1 of the Settlement Agreement.