Medical Electrical Needs

It is important for the PUD to be aware of customers who rely on life-sustaining equipment. If you or someone in your home is dependent on an oxygen machine, kidney dialysis machine, ventilator or other such equipment, please complete this form to be placed on our Medical Electric Needs Registry. You can also request a hard copy form by emailing or calling 509-661-8002.

During outages, the PUD will attempt to restore service as quickly as possible to individuals with special medical equipment needs. Because the PUD cannot guarantee uninterrupted utility services, the PUD encourages you to have a power outage preparedness plan such as proactively installing an emergency standby power supply to operate your medical equipment, obtaining backup equipment or arranging emergency assistance with friends or family. If you are considering adding a standby generator, contact the PUD at (509) 661-8400 for requirements to ensure safety to you and electrical workers. Visit our Outage Safety page for more information about generators.

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