FWEE Hydropower and STEM Career Academy

The FWEE Hydropower and STEM Career Academy can help you make the best choice for what your future might hold.  You’ll explore the physics of producing hydropower, race solar cars and fly your own drone. These are part of STEM challenges that include meeting and doing hands-on activities with mechanical and electrical engineers, plant mechanics and operators, divers, and linemen. As the week unfolds, career options and educational pathways that may inspire you to pursue a four year college, community college and/or an apprenticeship program will be revealed. These are exciting careers available in the communities you call home.  College advisors and mentors will also be on hand to identify the prerequisites and academic achievement needed to pursue these and related careers. The goal is to help you connect what’s going on in the classroom with possible careers in very direct, meaningful ways.  This offering comes from industry and educational professionals from around the Northwest. Their desire to engage with you is best described with the phrase “pay it forward,” an expression describing someone who benefited from a good deed and wishes to repay it to others. Each of your instructors has a story, often with twists and turns, about finding a career that brings them joy every day. Could their story be yours?

For more information go to: https://fwee.org/education/academy/

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