Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Benefits of Public Power

Stats below are from 2014

  • Chelan PUD owns 14 park facilities in Chelan and Douglas counties.
  • Between 1978 and 1995, the PUD spent $67 million developing these facilities.
  • Manson Bay, Old Mill, Entiat, Orondo River, Lincoln Rock, Daroga and Confluence State Parks are partially or fully owned by the PUD but operated by others.
  • PUD parks cover more than 700 acres.
  • We welcome 2.5 million visitors each year.
  • Chelan PUD completed a $7.3 million rebuilding of the Entiat Park to meet license requirements.
  • The PUD’s park system annual operations and maintenance budget is approximately $5.5 million.

Why (and how) is your public utility involved in parks?

Because non-federal hydro projects are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the PUD needs licenses to operate its dams. These licenses have requirements—including parks and other amenities that make up for loss of river access. Even though as a PUD we do not have express authority to operate parks, we can and must do so if required by our licenses, within our project boundaries.

Is there a possibility of future parks or trails?

Many customer-owners have suggested building parks, trails, and other recreational assets in places where the PUD does not currently have a parks & rec presence. Your PUD is limited to projects within the boundary of our hydro projects. In 2014, a team of community members and PUD employees recommended playing a supporting role in partnerships with the efforts of others. Their report is available below.

2014 Recommendations for Strategic Investment

As part of the process leading up to the 2015 strategic plan, a working group of community members and PUD employees created a set of recommendations for investment in parks and recreation benefits. Their report is available as a PDF file at the link below.