Transmission Pole Fire Protection

What & Why

A Chelan County PUD contractor will be performing routine maintenance and fire protection work by clearing combustible materials and applying a fire retardant paint to some electrical transmission poles throughout the county. This program helps protect the electrical system from fires and extends the life expectancy of the PUD wood poles.

When & What to Expect

  • Work will take place on the transmission poles throughout the county.
  • You may see the contractor crew working in your area, and the crew may need to access transmission poles on or near your property. Impacted property owners have been contacted about the work.
  • Work will begin in in March 2021, as weather permits, and will continue through the summer.
  • Working hours are generally Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • For poles that require testing, crews will dig approximately 18 inches around each pole, drill holes into the pole, inspect the pole, then replace the dirt.
  • For poles that will have paint applied, crews will dig approximately 6 inches around each pole, and apply the fire retardant paint about six feet up each pole, then replace the dirt.
  • Crews will also clear combustible materials from around the poles.


Photo of fire retardant paint on PUD wood poles


For questions about this work, please email