Transmission Pole Fire Protection

What & Why

A Chelan County PUD contractor, Mi-Tech, is performing routine maintenance and fire prevention along transmission (high-voltage) and distribution (low-voltage) lines around the county. Each wood pole in the PUD’s electrical system is inspected on a 10-year cycle. This program helps extend the life of the poles, protects the electrical system from fires, and maintains reliable service.

Photo of fire retardant paint on PUD wood poles


  • Work will take place along the transmission lines between north Wenatchee west to Leavenworth
    and between Chelan Falls along the north side of Lake Chelan to Manson.
  • Work will take place along distribution lines in Wenatchee and Cashmere.

When & What to Expect

  • Work is scheduled to begin in April and continue through September.
  • You may see the contractor crew working around poles on or near your property.
  • Working hours are generally Mon.–Thurs., 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • For pole inspection, crews will dig approximately 18 inches around each pole, drill holes into the pole, inspect the pole, then replace the dirt.
  • Where fire prevention is needed, crews will dig approximately 6 inches around each pole, apply fire-retardant paint about 6 feet up each pole, then replace the dirt.
  • Crews will also clear combustible materials from around the base of poles as needed.
  • Where necessary, poles will be replaced by PUD crews at a later date.


For questions about this work, please email