How Does Advanced Metering Work?

Advanced, two-way digital meters connect homes and businesses to the PUD and collect customer meter reads automatically.

The Network
The PUD has installed a two-way communication radio network, where equipment and electrical meters are able to receive and transmit information, such as electrical usage, across the network and back to the PUD’s operation center.   This technology reduces the need to send personal into the field to gather the information at each meter.    The radio system is a “mesh” network which enables the meters to relay the data between devices taking the least path of resistance.   All data is transmitted using a 900Mhz frequency over a secured network and all data is encrypted from point to point. 

  • Advanced digital meters record customer energy-use information throughout the day.
  • Customer energy-use information is sent several times a day to us, using radio frequency (RF) waves. This is similar to the wireless communications used by cell phones and WiFi. The meters will transmit data for a maximum of 60 seconds per day.
  • Once it’s within our secure firewall, the information will be matched up with customer accounts for billing and other customer service activities.
MeshNet Slide