Advanced Meters

What type of advanced meters are being installed?

Chelan PUD has partnered with Wesco/Anixter and National Metering to install Itron, Gen 5 Centron II meters.

What’s different between my current meter and the new advanced meter?

Transitioning to advanced meters is a bit like upgrading from a land line to smart phone – both technologies work, but the smart phone allows customers to stay even more connected to what matters. Advanced meters record energy-use and send it back to the PUD across a secure network, several times a day. Whereas older meters provided meter information only once a month. Your new  advanced meter will be put in the same location as your current meter.

Do I already have an advanced meter?

Maybe - but only if we've completed installations in your area. Check the INSTALLATION SCHEDULE to see when we'll be in your area.

  • Even if we installed or exchanged a meter at your home or business in the last couple years, we didn’t install an advanced, two-way meter.
  • If we already read your meter “remotely” where the meter reader drives by, it’s not an advanced meter. It’s an older technology called, Encoder Receiver Transmitters (ERT). and those meters are being replaced with new advanced meters.
  • If you moved into a new home recently, unless we already completed installation that area, you don’t have an advanced meter.