Advanced Metering Benefits

What are the benefits of Advanced Metering Infrastructure?

Faster outage notification:

Did you know that when your power goes out, in many cases we don’t know about it until customers call us? When new technologies are in place in the future, we’ll know when your power goes out and we can restore your power faster. Future technology will also allow you to receive outage notifications in the way you choose – text, email, or phone call.

More accurate billing:

New, advanced meters are replacing aging meters which will ensure accurate billing, using technology - instead of personnel - to obtain meter reads, reducing the need for billing corrections. We’ll no longer need to estimate bills because we’ll be reading the advanced meters remotely.

Future technology:

Advanced metering lays the foundation for future technology, creating expanded services in the future such as account pre-payment, high-use alerts, and web-bases tools for energy savings. 

More benefits:

  • Less need for a PUD employee to enter your property
  • Fewer PUD vehicles on the roadways, reducing carbon emissions
  • Better information to help you consider potential conservation savings options
  • Reduced operation cost for the PUD resulting in long-term savings for customer-owners