Lake Chelan Lake Level Discussions

The Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project is owned and operated by Chelan County Public Utility District and regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC Project No. 637) under a 50-year license issued November 6, 2006. The Chelan County PUD is responsible to operate and manage lake levels under the terms of its license, which include lake level management practices stipulated in the Lake Level Plan and Operations Compliance Monitoring Plan (FERC License Article 405). Natural fluctuations in lake elevation occur as a result of runoff in the tributaries.

In the spring and summer of 2011, Chelan property owners began talking with Chelan PUD regarding how late the lake was filled after a larger than average snowpack and a runoff that was later than normal. Chelan PUD began meeting with community leaders and a rigorous public process to evaluate and respond to these concerns ensued.

The lake level frequently asked questions in the right hand column offer details of the lake level management plan and the history of the plan’s development. Information from each of the meetings can be viewed in the right hand column as well. More detailed information on the continuing efforts by Chelan County PUD to evaluate lake levels with the communities can be viewed on the Parks and Recreation Lake Chelan Lake Levels webpage.