FERC Hydro Licensing, Forum Leads and Other Contacts


FERC Hydro Licensing Contacts

Michelle Smith
Director of Hydro Licensing
(509) 661-4180

Janel Ulrich
Manager of Hydro Licensing
(509) 661-4400

Jeff Osborn
Licensing Compliance Specialist, Senior
(509) 661-4176

FERC Hydro Relicensing Contacts

For Rock Island Relicensing contacts, visit Relicensing Site

Rocky Reach/Lake Chelan Policy Committees

Jeff Osborn
License Compliance Specialist, Senior
(509) 661-4176

Rocky Reach/Lake Chelan Cultural Forums

Jennifer Burns
Environmental/Cultural Resource Program Manager
(509) 661-4474

Rocky Reach/Lake Chelan Wildlife Forums

Von Pope
Wildlife Biologist, Senior
(509) 661-4625

Rocky Reach/Lake Chelan Recreation Forums

Ryan Baker
Parks Manager
(509) 661-4495

Rocky Reach Fish Forum

Bill Towey
Fisheries Scientist
(509) 661-4688

Lake Chelan/Chelan River Fishery Forums

Bill Towey
Fisheries Scientist
(509) 661-4688

Water Quality

Marcie Clement
Water Resource Program Manager
(509) 661-4186