SNAP Power in Chelan County

Clean, renewable, low-cost hydropower has been the essence of Chelan County PUD for decades. Now the new renewables -- solar, wind and small hydro -- are complimenting that legacy.

Between 2003 and 2006, the Alcoa community foundation, McCandlish Electric of Wenatchee, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 191 paid for and installed 36 solar arrays at schools and nonprofit agencies throughout Chelan County. Revenues generated by the sale of electricity at these sites goes back to the schools and the community. At the Performing Arts Center in downtown Wenatchee, for example, revenues generated from a 10-kilowatt solar installation can cover 20 percent of the building's energy costs.

Customer contributions to SNAP are benefiting the schools and nonprofit agencies, providing a lasting source of revenue for educational and community programs.

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Number of SNAP sites: 98
Schools: 21 (installations funded by Alcoa/IBEW)
Non-profit agencies: 7 (6 installations funded by Alcoa/IBEW)
Private producers: 65
Colleges (Wenatchee Valley College) : 2
Public facilities (cities of Chelan and Leavenworth): 2
Community solar projects: 1

SNAP producers by type
Solar: 95
Wind: 2
Small Hydro: 1
(One producer has both solar and small hydro)

Capacity (in kilowatts): 517
Solar: 490
Wind: 22
Small Hydro: 5

Generation (kilowatt hours in SNAP year ending 3/31/21)
Solar: 562,855
Wind: 2,024
Small Hydro: 582
Total: 565,461

As of April 2021

Photo of solar panels at Peshastin-Dryden Elementary

Solar panels on the roof of the Eller-Fox Building at Wenatchee Valley College.