Canada Geese

Chelan PUD maintains and monitors approximately 20 goose nest tubs along Rocky Reach Reservoir. Nests occurring on natural surfaces are also monitored. These surveys are conducted as part of the Rocky Reach Wildlife Management Plan as a required by the license for the Rocky Reach Hydroelectric project.

Long-term monitoring of goose nesting habits and success along our reservoirs may be useful to address license requirements, permitting issues, and help to guide project operations that could affect shoreline nesting. This information is also provided to the WDFW and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for their management purposes.

Goose nests along Rocky Reach Reservoir have ranged from a low of 30 to as many as 80. Currently, the average nest count along Rocky Reach Reservoir numbers about 50, producing about 225 goslings annually.

Wood Ducks

Chelan PUD maintains and monitors approximately 60 wood duck nest boxes along Rock Island Reservoir as required by the license for Rock Island Dam. Surveys are conducted in spring through early summer and determine use and success of the nest box program. Results of the surveys are reported to the WDFW and the USFWS for management purposes. Since the program began in 1983, nest boxes have produced over 3,000 wood duck ducklings.

Fast Facts:

  • Canada geese make ground nests on small islands, cliff ledges, or in nest tubs
  • Canada geese lay 4-7 eggs
  • Canada geese young are able to fly at 65-70 days old    
  • Wood duck hens return to the same nest box annually   
  • Wood duck drakes are brightly colored, hens are less conspicuous   
  • Typical wood duck egg clutch sizes are about 12 eggs
  • Wood duck eggs are incubated for 28-32 days   
Eggs laid by a wood duck in a nest box provided by Chelan PUD. Chelan PUD is required to maintain and monitor 60 wood duck nest boxes along Rock Island Reservoir. Natural resources intern Ryan Baze checks a Canada goose nest tub, provided by Chelan PUD.  New Canada goose hatchlings in a nest tub provided by Chelan PUD.