Saving Energy: Solar Calculator for Home Upgrades

Energy Savings & Solar Panels: Equivalency Calculator

Why should you finish your conservation carrots before enjoying some solar panel sweets?

Installing a new solar array is exciting (and even a little glamorous in some circles!), but you could make much more renewable energy for a lot less money by minimizing the amount of energy your home uses first. Like granny always said,

"Energy saved is energy earned."

(Okay, maybe it was, "A penny saved....")

Here in Chelan County, you can save thousands of dollars while still “generating” the same amount of power as a solar array by first using less energy at home. Once your home is a lean, green conservation machine, go all out with your solar desserts!

Solar Panel Equivalency Calculator

How much energy do your energy-saving home upgrades "generate" in terms of solar panels? Use the fun calculator below to learn just how much renewable energy your home improvements are worth. 

Big Huge Disclaimer: Determining energy (kWh) savings is a complicated thing. The below calculator is based on average savings for the average home in Chelan County. Consider it a fun tool, but not the gospel truth for savings in your home. 

Curious about ways you can save energy at home? Check out the home upgrades and cash back from Chelan PUD. 

Ways to Save Energy