Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment


temperature & humidity control

Better temperature control

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Better production rate and capacity

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Year-round savings

Energy Star kitchen equipment use less energy through smarter design, including better insulation and gaskets, using infrared heating, and improved controls for temperature and humidity. Beyond energy savings, better kitchen equipment can help you use less water (steam) and increase the amount of food you're able to cook.


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Electric Commercial Steam Cookers, per Pan

Any six-pan model on this Energy Star v1.2 equipment list or better

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Electric Combination Ovens

Any 5-pan to 20-pan model on this Energy Star v2.2 equipment list or better

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$500 to $2,000

Hot Food Holding Cabinet

Any model on this Energy Star v2.0 equipment list or better

$500 for half-size (less than 13 cu.ft.), $1,000 for full-size (13 to 28 cu.ft.), and $2,000 for double-size cabinets (28 cu.ft. and larger)

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Electric Fryers

Any large vat (18 in. to 24 in. wide) model on this Energy Star v3.0 equipment list or better

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$150 to $300

Electric Convection Ovens

Any model on this Energy Star v2.2 equipment list or better

$150 for half-size and $300 for full-size ovens

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$200 to $400

Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation

$200 for single sensor system and $400 for multiple sensor system

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Any upgrades beyond PUD incentives qualify for low-rate EnergySmart financing.

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Is your building eligible for an incentive on commercial kitchen equipment?

1. Your Space & Fuel Type


2. New Equipment

Your new equipment must be electric and:


3. Paperwork



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1. Install Your New Equipment

Work with your contractor to make sure eligible equipment is installed.

2. Send in Paperwork

Gather your paperwork and send them (or as your contractor to submit them) to or:

Chelan County PUD
PO Box 1231
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1231


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What Happens Next?

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We'll review your paperwork, and contact you if anything is missing or we need more information.

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With your paperwork complete, we might schedule an inspection to make sure the correct equipment was installed.

icon with money in envelope

If all checks out, you'll receive your incentive payment in the mail, or we can pay your contractor directly.


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