Public Preferences

In January 2015, Chelan County PUD customer-owners had the opportunity to rate their preferences among a range of options for future investments in services or activities that could enhance quality of life for Chelan County residents. The following charts and tables summarize public response.


total responses


unique people


"full form" responses


"fast form" responses

Investment Areas Prioritized

Priority rank is based on an average of 1,204 online 5-minute form responses.

Rank Investment Area
1 Economic Development
2 Water and Wastewater
3 Fiber and Telecom
4 Parks and Recreation
5 Electrification

Preferences for Investment

Preferences counts are tallied across 5,097 online and mail-in responses.

Option Number of Times Selected
Expand or add amenities in existing Chelan PUD parks? 2,087
Bring more activities and programs to your PUD parks? 1,240
Waive day use fees at PUD parks for residents? 2,627
Sustain existing water and wastewater services? 1,968
Expand services, to promote prudent growth planning? 1,284
Transfer services to other entities to enable regionalization? 623
Fund improvements for surface water quality? 1,786
Lend money for water and wastewater infrastructure? 538
Maintain the fiber program as is, at 69% build-out? 1,438
Expand the fiber system to 85-90% of electric customers? 2,148
Build out the fiber system to all electric customers? 822
Lead in the transition to PUD electric vehicles and equipment? 1,656
Get involved in electrification research and education? 1,579
Use some surplus power to attract industries and jobs? 1,649
Provide student mentoring and education opportunities? 2,073
Take an active, proactive role in economic development? 1,707

Preferences for Reinvestment

Percentages reflect what percentage of 5,097 online and mail-in responses report each of three levels of support.


  None Some A Lot
Replace or reroute some electrical lines to protect from fire and weather? 6% 50% 44%
Partner with customers to underground electrical lines for improved views? 17% 48% 35%
Create partnerships and programs to develop skills of potential local job applicants? 18% 50% 32%
Organize a PUD employee volunteer corps? 38% 50% 11%
Consolidate and relocate PUD industrial facilities for cost savings? 17% 55% 28%
Renovate or rebuild the PUD headquarters for customer benefit? 58% 34% 7%

In-depth Report

An in-depth report is also available, with detailed statistics.