Chelan PUD: Lower water levels expected on Columbia River

by Rachel Hansen | Sep 01, 2022

As summer winds down, Chelan PUD is expecting river flows to reduce into the fall.  In addition to the normal seasonal changes in river flows, the Western U.S. is experiencing an extended heat wave and energy demand is up throughout the region.

“We may experience more fluctuations upstream of Rock Island and Rocky Reach dams over Labor Day and into next week,” said Janet Jaspers, director of energy operations planning and trading. “We try to do whatever we can within our license requirements to support electric grid reliability while balancing a broad range of regional interests.”

For recreationalists on local waterways, it’s always important to be mindful of changing river conditions. River fluctuations can impact docks and boat launches and create different currents and hazards along the river – sometimes unpredictably.

Here are a few tips for safe adventures on the water this summer:

  • Download Chelan PUD’s Current App, a free app that provides six features -- including real-time information about river flows, boat launches and lake levels. Visit for download information.
  • Remember that rivers are dynamic, and conditions can change rapidly. If docking on shore, check conditions every few minutes to ensure you don’t get stranded.
  • Stay at least 400 feet away from dams on the river. Consider any area within 100 yards from the shoreline as a no-wake zone.
  • As always, keep your eyes out for debris and other hazards on the water – assign someone on your boat as a spotter to help.

With sunny, warm conditions expected over Labor Day weekend, it’s a great time to get out on the water. Chelan PUD reminds everyone to also keep safety in mind as they enjoy our local waterways.

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