What Our Employees Say

Jim White

"I love helping our commercial and industrial customers save energy because it's a win-win for everyone. Saving energy lowers costs to local businesses, provides jobs for local contractors and expands the amount of clean/renewable hydropower available to the great Pacific Northwest."

Jim White, Senior Energy Conservation Engineer

Christy Mayo
"I enjoy doing something different every day. I use heavy equipment, hand tools and computer programs and the best part is that I'm not sitting at a desk all day!  I've had the opportunity to learn, and continue learning, about plumbing, HVAC, electrical fire systems and other parts of building maintenance operations."

Christy Mayo, Building Maintenance Person


Javier Rivera
"I've been in this trade over 25 years and enjoyed every year of it - especially storm duty. When poles and lines go down, we work hard to put them right back up. What a rush! It's an exciting and rewarding career."

Javier Rivera, Line Foreman


Jose Rosales
“My supervisor treats me with respect. He allows me to use my skills and abilities and provides good work direction. The PUD is a good place to work and offers me and my family an excellent benefit package.”

 Jose Rosales, Parks and Maintenance 2


Rich Williams
"In every organization, it's the people that make the difference. And we have some of the best right here at Chelan County PUD."

Rich Williams, Mechanical Engineer


Karen Welton
"Chelan County PUD is a forward thinking, nationally recognized utility. I enjoy working with our high caliber of employees and appreciate the excellent advancement opportunities."

 Karen Welton, Administrative Assistant


Amy Smith
"My job is continually interesting and challenging. After eight years, I still learn something new almost everyday."

 Amy Smith, Lead Accounting Analyst


Todd West
"My job allows me to give something back to a wonderful community and at the same time protect what I am very passionate about, fish and wildlife. The PUD is at the forefront of resource protection and enhancement and it's great to work for a company that understands how important natural resources are to our community and our way of life."

 Todd West, Fish and Wildlife Operations Superintendent


Sydnie Witten
“Great people, advancement and training opportunities are the reasons I enjoy working at Chelan PUD. As an apprentice, I learned from journeymen with high levels of experience and skills. They helped me gain the knowledge I needed to succeed in my apprenticeship program and become a Journeyman Mechanic! The pride in our work shows in everything we do.”

 Sydnie Witten, Journeyman Mechanic