High Density Loads in Chelan County

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Emerging technologies that are exciting, filled with potential, and unstable.

While bitcoin mining at home sounds enticing, it may just be too good to be true.

Here's why...

Right now, unauthorized cryptocurrency mining computers connected in your home aren't allowed, as we determine the best path forward with this new technology.

You need to talk to the PUD.

You could be facing fees and charges as well as prosecution.

Local residential power grids are not designed for high density loads,like cryptocurrency mining.

You could stress the system, causing a fire, or other safety hazards at your house, and in your neighborhood.

You may be putting the stability of the local grid at risk.

High density loads also greatly diminish the lifespan of PUD equipment,

As of today, fees can total more than $11,000, and charges have been collected from unauthorized operations.

Call us before you mine.

We aren't taking new applications right now, but we want to hear from you to talk about the best way to work with anyone interested in setting up their own mining operation.

The next public hearing on PUD cryptocurrency policies will be Aug. 6. Meanwhile, the PUD will continue to be looking for unauthorized cryptocurrency mining operations.

Don't risk it.