Electrification Benefits of Public Power

Stats below are from 2014

  • Electric rates in Chelan County are 3.2 cents per kilowatt-hour, compared with the state average of 8.5 cents.
  • Electric Vehicles (EV) cost 25 percent of what a gasoline powered vehicle does on a dollar per mile basis.
  • In Chelan County, 93 percent of existing homes and 99 percent of new homes are electrically heated, compared with 53 percent for the region.
  • The State of Washington’s Climate and Legislative Workgroup identifies on-road gasoline usage as the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the State of Washington.

2014 Recommendations for Strategic Investment

As part of the process leading up to the 2015 strategic plan, a working group of community members and PUD employees created a set of recommendations for investment in electrification benefits. Their report is available as a PDF file at the link below.