It's hot out here! [Power Hour - Ep. 3 featuring Josh Mitchell]

by Lacy Stockton | Jun 04, 2021

Our featured guest, Josh Mitchell, Chelan PUD residential energy advisor, and your host, Lacy Stockton, answer your questions about keeping cool on this 100 degree day while still saving energy. And Jenna Rahm joins us from Chelan Riverwalk Park.

We chat about:

  • What are easy ways I can stay cool that are low or no-cost?
  • How much does running my AC impact my electric bill?
  • How should I set my heat pump for energy savings? And should I use e-heat in the winter?
  • How can I find out if I qualify for bill assistance?
  • What are energy audits?
  • How many heads should I get on my ductless heat pump?
  • Why can I only get a rebate on some kinds of smart thermostats and not others?
  • Do you recommend a tankless water heater? If not, what’s a good alternative?

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