Cindy Bowen-Lorrain - Foreman Wireman, 1980-2010

by Rachel Hansen | Mar 29, 2021
Image of Cynthia Bowen-LorrainCynthia Bowen-Lorrain was the first female foreman at Chelan PUD. She began her career as a utilityman at Rock Island Powerhouse 1, and then advanced to apprentice mechanic, apprentice wireman, journeyman wireman, and foreman wireman.  

She said she is most proud of “having the opportunity to take care of my family as a single parent and to work with very talented co-workers taking care of our four powerhouses.”

Her advice to young women entering the energy industry: “If you are interested in this type of work, go into it with open eyes and know you are going to have to work hard. The satisfaction is more than worth it,” she said.

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