Guidelines for Structural Changes or Additions to Chelan PUD Parks


These are general guidelines for entities requesting the addition of a structure(s) and/or a structural change within a Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) Park. The guidelines below are intended to be a starting point and may require additional elements to meet all of the PUD and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) requirements.

Guidelines for Requesting Entity

  1. Submit the project request in writing to the PUD Parks Department (Parks). All requests should include:
    • A conceptual drawing of the project including the proposed location.
    • Cost estimates and anticipated funding sources.
    • A detailed explanation of what is being requested of the PUD and why the PUD should participate in or support the project.
  2. After review of this information, Parks will share any additional or special conditions that may be required. Parks will also determine whether the request will require PUD Commission and/or FERC approval.
  3. If FERC approval is required, the request must first receive approval by the Commissioners. As appropriate, Park staff will then begin the process of seeking FERC approval. A minimum of 90 days should be allowed for FERC review and approval.
  4. If PUD Commission approval is required (i.e., a financial contribution is being requested), Parks will take the request before the Commission. If the entity requesting the project would like to make a presentation to the Commission, Parks staff will help schedule the presentation.
  5. Generally, the Commission will request a recommendation by Parks as to the feasibility of a request. Feasibility will be determined based upon the following elements:
    • A complete set of construction drawings have been reviewed and determined adequate by Parks.
    • The PUD has received hard copies of all required permits for installations in the water or within 200 feet of the water.
    • If required or applicable, a Maintenance Management Plan has been developed to identify additional operation and maintenance costs. Parks can provide assistance with the development of a Maintenance Management Plan if requested.
    • Funding source(s) for project development, construction and operation, and maintenance costs have been identified and documentation supplied to the PUD, including agreements for donations and/or copies of grant documents.
    • Source(s) for construction materials and resources required for completing the project have been identified and reviewed by Parks staff.
  6. If the Commission approves the structure or addition, the PUD will enter into a formal agreement with the party or develop an addendum to an existing agreement.
  7. All work performed on PUD property must comply with all appropriate laws such as prevailing wages.
  8. The PUD may assume the construction management or assign it to a mutually agreed upon contractor. The budgeted costs proposed by the project sponsor must include a provision for project management.