Small Works

The Chelan County PUD maintains a Small Works Roster of licensed and qualified contractors for the completion of various construction projects with estimated values of up to $350,000.00 in accordance with Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 39.04.155. As also provided by law, Chelan County PUD may make this Small Works Roster available to other Washington State municipalities and public entities for their use in the procurement of labor and materials for public works projects (of estimated values up to $350,000.00) in their respective jurisdiction(s).

The Small Works Roster shall include contractors who are registered or licensed for general and/or specialty contract work.

Contractors interested in applying for placement on Chelan County PUD's Small Works Roster may do so by completing the following steps.

Gather required information. The application requires the following be attached, each as a separate file:

  1. General résumé setting forth Contractor’s experience, technical qualifications, and organizational ability to perform the categories of work for which application is made.
  2. List of supervisory personnel, their qualifications, and years of experience.
  3. The number and type of craftsmen Contractor employs.
  4. Client references. List the names, addresses, phone, fax, and email addresses of at least three (3) project owners for whom you have performed work in the categories for which application is made in the last two (2) years.
  5. Optional: Description of special qualifications or limitations that may be of assistance to the District in evaluating Contractor’s qualifications for particular categories of work.
  6. Optional: Other documents Contractor deems relevant and requests the District to review.
  7. Optional: Water/Wastewater classification applicants: Submit for each such classification for which application is made:
    • Information for three (3) projects greater than $30,000.00 performed during the last three (3) years, including: Project owner name, Project owner address, Location of project and, Contract value.
  8. Email to request that an application be generated and emailed via DocuSign.  In the body of the email, please list the company contact – including their email address - that will be filling out your application and the company contact – including their email address – that is able to sign a contract.

           Click here for an example of the application.

Once a Contractor is approved for the Small Works Roster, they will not generally have to reapply annually. The exceptions to this would be in the instance that a contractor desires to add categories of work, or the District requires reapplication.