Wenatchee Riverfront Park Master Planning Information

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Thank you for your interest in the Riverfront Park master planning process! The City of Wenatchee and Chelan PUD value public participation and your input is fundamental to this endeavor.

Wenatchee Riverfront Park is a defining feature of the community and the most urban segment of the Apple Capital Loop Trail. The park includes approximately 31 acres and is generally identified as the area along the river just north of 5th Street, extending south past Pybus Public Market to where the trail intersects with Worthen Street, immediately east of Downtown Wenatchee and Riverside Drive. A majority of the land in the park is owned by the City of Wenatchee and has been leased to the Chelan PUD since 1983 to support park development as part of the District’s responsibilities under its Federal license for the Rock Island Project (FERC Project #943).

In addition to the Apple Capital Loop Trail, which is incorporated throughout Riverfront Park, other key features include: large picnic and day use areas, boat launch, mooring dock, public parking, Saunders Steam Train, xeriscape demonstration garden (in partnership with WSU Master Gardeners), numerous public art installations, and restroom facilities at two separate locations. Riverfront Park is located between Walla Walla Point Park (Chelan PUD) to the north and Hale Park (City of Wenatchee) to the south and the planning process incorporates this context and the overall slate of recreational offerings in the community.   

Riverfront AerialArt on RiverfrontRiverfront Landscaping

Who is sponsoring this work and what is the timeframe?

The City of Wenatchee and Chelan PUD have engaged with the landscape architecture and design firm Greenworks to develop a master plan for Wenatchee Riverfront Park.  The planning process is scheduled to be completed in late-2021.  The plan will be presented to the Wenatchee City Council and the Chelan PUD Board of Commissioners.    

Why is this occurring and what is the process?

The City and PUD are collaborating on this effort and pooling their resources to support an examination of this key area and further the region’s high quality of life.  To assist, a Riverfront Park Advisory Committee was established and includes a broad spectrum of community members that have insight and expertise in supporting activities, events, and economic development in Downtown Wenatchee and the riverfront area.  

How do I find out more?

Please check this website frequently for information regarding progress and opportunities and for public input.  For additional questions, please contact Justin Erickson with Chelan County PUD at (509) 661-4379 or via email at: justin.erickson@chelanpud.org

What types of activities and improvements are on the table?

Possible improvements are to be determined through the planning and public engagement effort, but may include landscaping, water features, public gathering spaces, enhancements to trails and sidewalks, play areas, wayfinding and lighting, parking, improved river viewpoints and similar active and passive recreational amenities.  This list only a starting point and we are looking forward to feedback from the community.  Park enhancements may be considered outside of the core planning area and design elements (e.g., pedestrian trail profile, fencing standard, lighting fixture specifications, etc.) may have applicability along other riverfront properties owned or managed by the City or Chelan PUD.

What is the budget and when will we see changes to the Park?

It is estimated that the City and Chelan PUD will support implementation of the first phase with a combined contribution of approximately $3 million.  This is an estimate and subject to agreements and budgetary decision by each agency.  It is the parties desire to see elements of the first phase of the plan implemented in 2022-2023.     

What limitations exist?

Riverfront Park exists in part as required mitigation for the Rock Island Project and any major changes to recreational offerings will likely require Chelan PUD to gain approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  In addition, the park master plan will also have to take into consideration budgetary and staff limitations.  Finally, given the adjacency to the Columbia River, environmental considerations and permitting requirements will also shape the plan and the feasibility of certain proposals.