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I. Facility Requested

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II. Time & Dates

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III. Special requirements or additional information

IV. Purpose

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If this is a Special Event, prior to the activity, please provide the PUD with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000), including PUD No. 1 of Chelan County named as an additional insured, cross liability or severability of interests clause and liquor coverage (if applicable).
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V. Please read the Application for Use of Parks Agreement

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VI. Hold Harmless and Indemnity.

Applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless, defend and pay on behalf of the PUD and Its officers, managers, directors, employees, servants, and agents from and against all liability, penalties, costs, losses, damage, expenses, causes of action, claims or judgments (including attorney's fees and court costs) resulting from injury to or death sustained to person including observers or organization's participants, employees or representatives or damage to property of any kind which injury, death, or damage arises out of or is in any way connected with the activity or event herein described regardless of how the injury or damage was caused or suffered. The Applicant's hold harmless agreement shall apply to any act or omission whether passive or active, on the part of the organization or Its participants, agents or employees; except, that this agreement shall not be applicable to Injury, death, or damage to property or persons arising from the sole negligence or the sole willful misconduct of the PUD.