Nez Perce Indian Portrait Collection

In painting this series of portraits to pay honor so deserved by the great Nez Perce Nation, Rowena L. Alcorn worked over a span of more than 20 years. When she started in the fall of 1935, she was the first artist to undertake such a project.

When Alcorn started her portrait series, there were only five tribesmen left who had participated in the War of 1877: Chief White Hawk, Many Wounds, Black Wings, Grizzly Bear, and Touching Hands as They Pass. All of them sat for their portraits.

The first 22 portraits were donated to PUD in memory of Guy Myers who helped purchase major properties for the PUD, including the Rocky Reach Dam area. The twenty-third portrait was donated by the artist, Rowena Alcorn. To complete the series, the twenty-fourth portrait is on permanent loan from the Washington State Capital Museum at Olympia. The exhibit is featured at the Museum of the Columbia at Rocky Reach Dam Visitor Center.