West Cashmere (Goodwin) Bridge


Chelan County Public Works is planning to replace the West Cashmere (Goodwin) Bridge starting in 2020. To accommodate the bridge replacement and related road improvements, Chelan County PUD must upgrade electrical poles and wires. The PUD’s contractor, Titan Electric, will soon begin work on the PUD’s portion of this project including replacing transmission poles and moving distribution wire underground in some areas. Wood transmission poles will be replaced with steel poles to increase their resiliency against fire.

Map Description

  • Work in the yellow section of the map – along Sunburst Lane and Vale Road – is scheduled for Feb. through May. Work includes replacing wood transmission poles with taller steel poles and moving overhead distribution underground.
  • Work in the green section of the map – along Goodwin Road to Sunset Highway – is scheduled for June through Aug. Work includes upgrading overhead distribution poles and wires.
  • Work in the red section of the map – along Hagman Road and crossing the Wenatchee River – is scheduled for May through July. Work includes building a new transmission and distribution line (poles and wires).
  • Work in the blue section of the map – up and over the hill from North Cashmere Road to Vale Road – is scheduled for Feb. through May. Work includes replacing wood transmission poles with steel poles for fire hardening.
Map of work areas for Goodwin Bridge project

What to Expect

  • Residents will see and hear typical construction impacts during working hours
  • One-lane, flagger controlled traffic will be in place at times throughout the project
  • Working hours are typically Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • New poles will be placed in close proximity to existing poles
  • Power outages may be needed at times throughout the project and affected customers will be notified with details prior to any outage
  • Please make sure we have your correct phone number(s) and email address by entering it at chelanpud.org/UpdateYourInfo or calling us at 509-661-8002

For more information on the West Cashmere Bridge Replacement, please visit Chelan County’s website: www.co.chelan.wa.us.



Send questions to contactus@chelanpud.org or call Teka Sellers at 509-661-4294.


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