North Shore Chelan Substation

After a pause in our design work due to Covid-19, we have resumed design of the new substation, and are still committed to involving the community in the substation design process.

We will work with stakeholders to evaluate design alternatives for features such as aesthetics, noise shielding, and landscaping. Although the internal components and electrical design of the substation is driven by codes and standards, we want your feedback on the exterior and aesthetic design of the site.

Email will be the most efficient way to communicate with interested stakeholders throughout this process. Please click here to subscribe to our email list if you wish to stay involved in the design phase.

The PUD is always open to hearing feedback from the public. We will update this website regularly as the project moves forward.

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If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Jenna Rahm.

Design Updates

Design Outreach Schedule Update

On Monday, October 5, PUD staff presented this updated design schedule and outreach plan to the Board of Commissioners during the Quarterly Electric Load Growth Update. You can listen to that presentation here (presentation starts at 02:15:00).

Below is our updated design outreach schedule:
Aerial image of the North Shore of Lake Chelan

Substation Footprint & Orientation

Below is a basic site plan depicting the substation fence line, property line and access road.
Graphic showing North Shore Substation footprint and orientation.

Project Background

Chelan County PUD has been working closely with the community since 2015 to construct a new substation on the north shore of Lake Chelan, between Chelan and Manson. The two existing substations serving that area, Union Valley and Wapato, are nearing capacity. In November 2017, the PUD, along with community input, selected a site off Henderson Road for the new substation.

For more information about substations, visit our Substation FAQ.

Site Selection

In 2015, the PUD started working with the community and a Focus Group of stakeholders to evaluate 18 potential sites for the new substation. Based on operational and aesthetic considerations, staff and the Focus Group narrowed those sites to two alternatives: one off Boyd Road, 2.3 miles from the intersection with SR150, and one off Henderson Road.

Staff presented the final evaluation of the two sites based on community input and operational decision criteria and selected the site off Henderson Road as the preferred location. In November 2017, PUD Commissioners approved moving forward with purchase of the Henderson Road site.

Map of the Henderson Road susbtation site