North Shore Chelan Substation

Construction starts soon!

Chelan County PUD has been working closely with the community since 2015 to construct a new substation to serve growth and development on the north shore of Lake Chelan. Construction of the substation, located off of Henderson Road, is anticipated to begin in Spring 2023. As part of the substation project, new underground distribution lines will be installed to bring electricity out of the substation and connect to the existing electrical system in the area.

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Contractors on site soon

A PUD contractor is scheduled to begin work along Henderson Road in October. This work will include roadway excavation and installation of electrical equipment to prepare for future installation of underground power lines. Additional work will continue in future years to extend underground distribution lines and eventually remove some existing overhead power lines and poles.  

What to Expect this Fall

  • Batchelor Excavation will be digging along Henderson Road and across private property to install underground conduit, duct and vault.
  • Work is scheduled to begin in October. Once it begins, we anticipate it will last about four weeks.
  • Typical working hours are Monday – Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • You may hear or see typical construction activities during work hours.
  • There will be one-lane, flagger-controlled traffic along Henderson Road in the work area.
  • Trucks will also be entering and leaving the area using the intersection at Boyd Road.
  • Construction on the substation, transmission line into the substation, and additional work on the distribution lines out of the substation will continue in 2023.
  • We anticipate the substation supplying power to the area by the end of 2023.
Aerial image of the North Shore of Lake Chelan

Project Background

Chelan County PUD has been working closely with the community since 2015 to construct a new substation on the north shore of Lake Chelan, between Chelan and Manson. The two existing substations serving that area, Union Valley and Wapato, are nearing capacity. In November 2017, the PUD, along with community input, selected a site off Henderson Road for the new substation.

For more details on the project timeline, click here. For more information about the design outreach process, click here

Map of North Shore Substation site


Email or call (509) 661-8563.