Alpensee Wetland

Chelan County PUD owns property adjacent to the Leavenworth substation (see map). Stormwater that is collected upstream flows through an open ditch on this property and through a wetland. The PUD is aware that the wetland has caused issues for some neighboring properties. The recording of this wetland limits the PUD's ability to actively change the function of the property, however, as a good neighbor, we are working to find a long-term solution to the flooding issues. 

The PUD hosted a neighborhood meeting in February 2018 to provide more information and hear input from neighboring property owners. PUD staff worked with consultants on a feasibility study and analysis of capital improvement alternatives. Several options were discussed with adjacent property owners, the City of Leavenworth and Chelan County. In June 2018, a study revealed that improvements on the PUD’s property would not address the larger stormwater issues associated with the Alpensee drainage, and possibly could create bigger problems downstream. A preferred alternative was selected based on study results and stakeholder input.

The PUD began a maintenance program in late 2019. This program would not be an improvement to the stormwater system, but an endeavor to stop wetland growth on PUD property. Maintenance will include re-excavating the catchment basin below the inflow culvert, re-trenching approximately 200 linear feet of drainage ditch, installation of a small check dam on the eastern edge of the PUD property and installation of mitigation plantings on Chelan PUD property to compensate for vegetation removal and disturbance during construction.


A Chelan County PUD contractor performed maintenance on the wetland area in late 2019. The work included digging a new channel on PUD property to help with drainage.

he PUD will be back in the spring, when snow melts, to begin mitigation plantings. 

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