Be degrees warmer with new windows

by Susan Gillin | Sep 29, 2017

The proof is in the putting – putting new efficient windows in to replace old metal-framed ones.

Dr. David and Susan Weber replaced their double-pane, aluminum-framed windows last December and used an infrared thermometer to test their effectiveness. Weber measured a 14-degree difference in temperature between the new glass and an old single-pane window. Old double-pane windows were 8 degrees colder than the new. Measuring just the frames, there was a 16-degree difference between the old metal and the new vinyl, Weber said.

David Weber at windowSo the windows are warmer, but what about the humans behind them?

“There’s a significant difference,” Weber said of the comfort level. “Especially in one room that has windows on three sides.” That’s the room in his Chatham Hill home with the sweeping Wenatchee River view.

Homes like Weber’s, built in the 1950s, are good candidates for energy efficiency upgrades. Weber said he added attic insulation several years ago. It’s a good idea to check insulation, though, since it can settle or shift and lose its effectiveness.

Investments in insulation generally pay back in just a few years. Windows are a longer-term investment. With Chelan PUD’s low electric rates, it’s hard to make a case for a return on the financial investment alone. But there’s a comfort factor there that some customers say they can’t put a price on. New windows can cut down on street noise, too.

Chelan PUD offers incentives of $4 and $6 per square foot for upgrading to energy-efficient windows and 50 cents per square foot for added insulation. Find details here.

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