Advanced Metering Opt-Out

Customers who do not want an advanced meter can apply to
participate in the Advanced Metering Opt-Out program.

If you’re trying to decide if you want to opt-out, we encourage you to read more on our Overview, Background, and FAQs pages.

How do I qualify for the opt-out program?

  • Opt-out is only for single-phase residential services
  • Net-metered services are not eligible for opt-out
  • Commercial services are not eligible for opt-out
  • Compliance with Utility Service Regulations
  • Meter must remain accessible 

What is the cost for opting out?

$25 per month per meter. If you have multiple meters, you will be charged $25 per month for each meter. Up to 50% reduced fee for qualifying low-income senior or disabled customers. 

Do I get any of the benefits if I optout?

No, non-communicating meters will not have the capability to bring you these benefits:
  • Faster outage notification and restoration
  • More accurate billing and fewer estimated bills
  • Access to future technology like pre-payment, high-use alerts, and web-based tools for energy savings
  • Less need for a PUD employee to enter your property
  • Better information on customers' potential conservation savings

How do I opt out?

Please complete the Advanced Metering Opt-Out Application. If you have questions about opting-out, please contact or 509-661-8002.

What happens after I complete the online Opt-Out Application?

You will receive an email with more detail.

When will I start paying the opt-out fee?

Opt-out fees will not be assessed during the deployment phase of the project. Opt-out fees will likely not be charged before Spring 2024.

If I opt-out, will I still get a new meter?

If approved, an advanced meter will not be installed when the contractor is working in your area. Instead, at a later date, Chelan PUD staff will exchange your existing meter with a non-advanced meter that has been tested for accuracy.

My new advanced meter was already installed.
Can I still opt-out?

Yes. Please complete the online Opt-Out Application. When approved, the advanced meter will be replaced with a non-communicating meter at the PUD's earliest convenience.

If I opt-out, can I keep my old meter?

You may be able to keep your old meter, if personnel are able to test your meter in the field and it tests accurately. If personnel are not able to test your meter in the field, your meter will be exchanged with a non-advanced meter that has been tested for accuracy. 

Why do I have to pay to opt out?

After careful consideration and input from customer-owners, in January 2020 the PUD Commission adopted an opt-out fee of $25 per month (per meter) for customers who choose not to have an advanced meter installed. READ MORE

The monthly fee covers:
  • Physical monthly meter reading (staff, vehicles, fuel, etc.)
  • Meter maintenance
  • Added administration

What is required to continue my opt-out status?

Customers who participate in the Opt-Out Program must continue to meet customer eligibility requirements (see above). Failure to do so may result in opt-out approval being revoked and the installation of an advanced meter.