Funding Documents

This section of the Web site was developed as a working tool for agencies and other participants involved in a coordinated effort to plan and implement the “make funds available” activities as required by Section 19 of the Lake Chelan Settlement Agreement and attachments dated October 8, 2003 (Settlement Agreement).

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission or FERC) issued the Order on Offer of Settlement and Issuing New License (License) and the Order on Rehearing on November 6, 2006, and April 19, 2007, respectively, for the Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project No. 637 that require Chelan PUD to provide funds for various protection, enhancement, and mitigation measures as described in the Settlement Agreement which is incorporated as Appendix A of the New License.

A document list provides links to the Excel worksheets, the “make funds available” table and associated payment collection agreements. The document list requires username and password information. If you are not authorized to view the document list, please view the Funding Provisions Annual Statement updated May 9, 2018, which provides the 2017 CPI adjustment, 2017 spent, 2018 activities and 2019 proposed activities.

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