Make sure you're ready - winter is just around the corner

by Kimberlee Craig | Oct 02, 2019

– An unusually strong cold front brought low temperatures and snow at upper elevations in Chelan County this past weekend – and cool evenings are expected through the week. Chelan PUD is here to help its customers with tips for emergency preparedness and energy conservation as the temperatures continue to drop.

Stay informed:

  • Customers are encouraged to follow Chelan PUD on Facebook and Twitter. These are excellent resources for updates on power outages, as well as tips. 
  • Remember to sign up for Chelan County safety and emergency alerts, as well.  These updates can be sent directly via text, email, or voicemail.

In case of a power outage:

  • If you see a downed power line, assume it is live and stay away.  Do not attempt to remove tree limbs or other items from the power lines.
  • Report a power or PUD water outage by calling our 24-hour line, 877-783-8123. Listen to the recording and stay on the line if you have information to add or a special need.
  • Unplug electronics and turn off the heat/furnace.
  • Leave one porch and/or indoor light on so PUD crews can see when the power has been restored.
  • For additional tips on what to during a power outage (including information on generator usage), please visit our page If the Lights Go Out.       

If there is a concern about water pipes freezing:

  • Winterize your water system in advance (disconnect and drain outside faucets, drain irrigation systems) and be sure that you know the location of the water shut-off value for your home.
  • Open cupboard doors under sinks, especially where plumbing is in outside walls, to let interior heat warm the pipes.  
  • Temporarily keep a steady drip of both hot and cold water at an inside faucet farthest from the meter to ensure that water continues to move through the system.
  • If you plan to be away from home for more than a few days, don’t set your thermostat any lower than 55 degrees.

Stay comfortable and save money on your energy bill with these conservation tips:

  • Set your thermostat between 68 degrees and 72 degrees or lower if comfortable. Try lowering thermostat by 2-3 degrees when you’re going to bed or will be away.
  • Check furnace filters and replace if dirty. A dirty furnace filter restricts warm air and makes your furnace work harder.
  • Close the drapes in the evening and on overcast days to keep the heat in; open the drapes on sunny days to help warm the house.
  • For other tips and rebate offers, please visit our Winter Energy Conservation page.

Chelan County PUD line crews and the many employees who support them want to help you be ready if winter storms cause power or other utility service outages. You can help by planning for winter’s arrival.

Learn more about Chelan PUD at, find us on and follow us on Twitter @ChelanPUD. 

Here for you, providing the best for the most for the longest –

Outages or Emergencies

Visit our Safety and Outage Center for information, or to report an outage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 1-877-PUD-8123.


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