Please don't be that guy - no parking cars in boat trailer spots

by Kimberlee Craig | Jul 02, 2019

There’s been a big jump in the number of passenger vehicles parking in boat trailer stalls at PUD boat launches – especially at Wenatchee Riverfront Park launch behind Pybus Public Market.

The boat trailer stalls are clearly marked and there are signs posted, but the problem is growing, said Parks Manager Ryan Baker.

“Cooperation is key to resolving these conflicts,” said Baker. “We need the community’s help. We don’t want to see visitors get a parking ticket.”

Baker reminds loop trail users and park visitors there is parking for passenger vehicles nearby. “Please leave the boat trailer stalls for people using the launch,” he said.

Passenger vehicles using boat trailer parking will get a ticket from Wenatchee Police. More than 20 vehicles were ticketed in just a few hours last Saturday. The fine is $30: $50 if not paid in two weeks.  

The launch at Riverfront Park is popular, especially on summer holidays weekends, increasing the need for boat trailer parking. Free launching and boat trailer parking also is available at Chelan PUD’s Kirby Billingsley Hydro Park in Douglas County.

Remember: Please don’t be the guy or lady who gets a ticket for parking a passenger vehicle in a boat trailer spot.

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