Prequalification Category Codes 2018

Prequalification Category Codes 2018
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Electrical Distribution Overhead
Construction and maintenance of overhead electrical distribution lines and equipment, rated 5kV to 15kV located on wood or other type structures. Work typically involves energized work using hot line tools.
Electrical Distribution Underground
Construction and maintenance of underground electrical distribution lines and equipment rated 5kV to 15kV, including splices and terminations.
Distribution Underground, secondary
Installation and maintenance of secondary voltage cable and equipment typically rated 600V or less.
Electrical Overhead Transmission 34kv-230kv
Construction and maintenance of Electrical Overhead Transmission lines, including wood, steel and concrete poles, towers, conductor and appendages.
Transmission Underground 34kv-230kv
All phases of underground transmission line work from 34kV to 230kV. Conductor, splices and terminations included.
Transmission Insulator Rehabilitation
Cleaning of Electrical Transmission Insulators, from 34kV to 230kV, using various methods .
Substation Complete Installation (1 planholders)
Substation high and low voltage construction of all phases including grounding, steel structures, control wiring, bus installation, fencing, commission testing, etc.
Substation Control Wiring and Metering (1 planholders)
Protection control systems, both AC and DC, using common utility panel wiring methods.
Substation Foundations, Grounding, Earthwork and Conduit Installations
Layout of footings / foundations, ground grid, conduit trenching and stub-up locations. Proper excavation, grading, prep and necessary compacting of holes and trenches. Fabrication of re-enforcement steel for footings / foundations plus forming and pouring of concrete. Exothermic welding  of grounding grid conductor intersections and attachments to all required structures and fencing. Installation of conduit runs. Backfilling, compacting and grading of disturbed areas.       
Substation, Steel Erection, Aluminum Bus Work, Switch Installation (1 planholders)
Unloading, handling, placing and plumbing / leveling of various steel framing components including but not limited to switch supports, bus supports and dead-end supports. Unloading, handling, placing and welding of bus and connecting jumpers. Unloading, handling and installing switches and related equipment, including tolerance adjustments.
Substation Work Within an Energized Yard (1 planholders)
All work taking place in an energized substation must be executed by qualified electrical workers who have successfully completed the  District’s Dispatching  Operating and  Safety Rules Training and Testing. Any work components performed by other than qualified electrical workers must have 1 District qualified electrical worker for every 4 non qualified workers, acting as safety watch.  
Substation Maintenance (1 planholders)
General scheduled and preventive maintenance on Distribution Substation equipment including power transformers, breakers, current and potential transformers, capacitors, etc.
Substation Insulator Rehabilitation (1 planholders)
Cleaning and restoring electrical properties to 5kV to 230kV insulators.
Area/Street Light Installation and Maintenance
Installation and maintenance of Street and Area lights less than 600V.
Fiber Optic Overhead Construction
All phases of overhead fiber optic construction where work is located within the high voltage zone of power system where voltage is 5kV to 230kV
Fiber Optic Underground Construction
All phases of underground fiber optic construction where work is located within the high voltage zone of power system where voltage is 5KV to 230kV.
Underground Conduit Installation
Install underground electrical and fiber conduit by plowing,trenching or directional boring.
Tree Pruning and Hazard Tree Removal
Prune and remove trees along the District’s overhead electrical transmission & primary wire and along the fiber optical lines. Proper arboriculture pruning methods are required following ANSI A300 part 1.
Right-of-Way Clearing, Mowing
Clearing trees and brush and mowing along the District’s overhead electrical transmission & primary wire and along the fiber optical lines.
Pole Treatment & Inspection
Contractor shall furnish all labor, equipment and products to inspect, test and treat wooden poles. The wooden poles are the infrastructure for overhead electric and fiber optic lines.