Cryptocurrency and High Density Loads

PUD Commissioners invite members of the public to attend the Rate and Moratorium Hearing on Nov. 19, 1 p.m. in the Wenatchee Headquarters boardroom. Staff will provide commissioners a summary of the feedback provided by attendees during the Nov. 7 information meeting as well as ask the board to consider the rate and moratorium recommendations. This presents an opportunity for further public comment as well.

Can’t attend the Hearing? Please share your comments HERE.


Timeline of events 

The new fees are:

For all unauthorized service

  • $1,400 – metering & monitoring
  • $2,000 – investigation & enforcement

In addition, for unauthorized operations in homes

  • $1,000 – residential security deposit
  • $1,750  - residential equipment degradation

Or, in addition, for unauthorized operations in commercial and industrial spaces

  • $4,700 – Commercial equipment degradation (overhead service)
  • $8,000 – Commercial equipment  degradation (underground service)

High Density Load Customers under 5 MW

On July 18, 2016, Chelan PUD Commissioners adopted a new rate that applies to all High Density Loads (Resolution 16-14059). On Jan. 2, 2017, Rate Schedule 35 went into effect, and includes server farms, crypto-currency mining or other activities that use a significant, continuous amount of power.

High Density Load Customers larger than 5 MW

Chelan PUD Commissioners and staff currently are working on policies for load applications greater than 5MW. Any actions under consideration or adopted will be posted here.

Links to recent media coverage on the subject are provided below.

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