High Density Loads

On Monday, July 9, PUD commissioners reviewed a proposed new class definition that would separate cryptocurrency operations from other high density load customers. Staff hope to return with rates to accompany the definition later in July. More information on the definition can be found in the Cryptocurrency Rate Class presentation. 

On Monday, May 14, commissioners voted unanimously to extend the application moratorium through Aug. 6, when there will be another public hearing.

Commissioners listened to comments from customer-owners and cryptocurrency miners at the public hearing. Staff reviewed steps taken since the board imposed the moratorium on March 19. After hearing staff and public comments, commissioners voted to extend the moratorium until Aug. 6 and hold another public hearing that day.

The new fees are:

For all unauthorized service

  • $1,400 – metering & monitoring
  • $2,000 – investigation & enforcement

In addition, for unauthorized operations in homes

  • $1,000 – residential security deposit
  • $1,750  - residential equipment degradation

Or, in addition, for unauthorized operations in commercial and industrial spaces

  • $4,700 – Commercial equipment degradation (overhead service)
  • $8,000 – Commercial equipment  degradation (underground service)

On April 16, 2018, PUD commissioners approved new fees and charges for investigation and enforcement of unauthorized services including cryptocurrency and similar data operations and for the loss of useful life for overtaxed power equipment. The unanimous action puts the fees and charges in effect immediately. Read more

The action comes as PUD staff continues to find unauthorized cryptocurrency mining – two to three a day on average.

Commissioners extended amnesty for assessing the fees until May 14 in cases where customers without authorized service, and no history of HDL use or suspected use, stop mining immediately and notify the PUD, prior to hearing from the utility. May 14 is the public hearing on the application moratorium imposed on March 19 for new high density loads.

Chelan County PUD commissioners voted March 19, to stop taking or processing applications, effective immediately, for electric service for cryptocurrency mining.

They unanimously imposed the application moratorium after reviewing impacts on utility operations from existing loads and applications for service. This pause will allow lessons learned to be adopted for the existing, under-5 megawatt (MW) rates and policies as well as to develop new rates and policies for above-5 MW loads. Learn more

High Density Load Customers under 5 MW

On July 18, 2016, Chelan PUD Commissioners adopted a new rate that applies to all High Density Loads (Resolution 16-14059). On Jan. 2, 2017, Rate Schedule 35 went into effect, and includes server farms, crypto-currency mining or other activities that use a significant, continuous amount of power.

High Density Load Customers larger than 5 MW

Chelan PUD Commissioners and staff currently are working on policies for load applications greater than 5MW. Any actions under consideration or adopted will be posted here.

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