High Density Loads

Letter to Our Customers

In the last few weeks, Chelan PUD has been inundated with requests for service, many of which are enormous in terms of the amount of power they are seeking. The Letter to Our Customers provides background and seeks to establish appropriate expectations for the pace at which these requests for service can be addressed.

Additional information regarding High Density Loads can be found on the Business Services page.

Questions about High Density Loads?

Here are some Rate 35 HDL FAQs regarding the Rate and the process to follow to establish a new or expanding service.

Rate Schedule 35, effective January 1, 2017, applies to all High Density Loads. High Density Loads (HDL) and includes server farms, crypto-currency mining or other activities that use a significant, continuous amount of power.  

If you have questions about power availability or the process to obtain approval to operate an HDL service, please complete the Power Inquiry Form. You can also review information provided in the Rate 35 HDL FAQs. Once you have completed the Power Inquiry Form, a PUD staff member will be in contact to discuss your inquiry further.

Links to recent presentations and media coverage on the subject are provided below.

Commission Meetings and Presentations and Media Coverage


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