Governance Policies

Strategic Planning and Business Planning

Chelan County PUD’s Board of Commissioners regularly reviews and approves the overall PUD mission and vision statements and authorizes implementation of strategic plans. The Board did so in 2010 by Resolution No. 10-13567. That resolution approved implementation of the PUD’s Strategic Plan for 2010 – 2014.

The PUD’s Strategic Plan includes objectives and metrics to track the achievement of those objectives. The managers of each of the operational units/groups are tasked with developing business plans defining how the operational unit/group will support and carry out the PUD’s Strategic Plan. Further, each employee has personal performance plans that are monitored to ensure support for the Strategic Plan. This planning effort is an on-going process and changes with time.

Board Policies

The Board of Commissioners adopts resolutions for a variety of reasons. Some resolutions, called “Board Policies” include: adopting strategic plans; annual budgets; rates; utility service regulations and policies that apply to the PUD’s customer-owners; financial policies; delegated authority to staff; Governance Policies for the Board and its members; and other PUD-wide policies. These [Board Policies] (/10743.html) are related to the PUD and our customer-owners on a general, broad basis. They define what customer-owners and stakeholders can generally expect from the PUD. If the resolution you require isn’t listed, please [contact us] (

Administrative Policies

The PUD’s general manager, pursuant to RCW 54.16.100, is the “chief administrative officer” of the PUD and has responsibility for the proper and efficient operation of the PUD. One of the responsibilities of the general manager is to ensure there are consistent policies to direct and guide employees.

The general manager has adopted “Administrative Policies” for that purpose and may also adopt other policies which are consistent with the Board Policies, as appropriate. Further, the general manager is responsible for defining the appropriate priorities for projects and resources in conformity with the Board Policies and Strategic Plan. These policies are internal to the PUD and should not be confused with the Board Policies as discussed above.