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Welcome to the Mid-C

The Mid-Columbia is a general reference to 118 miles of the Columbia River in Central Washington where five hydro projects are located. These projects are owned and operated by Chelan County PUD, Grant County PUD and Douglas County PUD.

The Mid-C Seminar (see link at right) is held annually in Wenatchee, an event organized and operated by Dearing Consulting and HorsePower Consulting, Inc.  All responsibility concerning this event lies with the aforementioned entities and not Chelan County PUD.

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Mid-C Services - Chelan County PUD

The combined Power Marketing and Scheduling group of Chelan County PUD, which provides service and support to entities trading electricity at the Mid-C HUBTM.

Price for Chelan's Surplus Energy for Transmission Loss Provider Service:

ICE Mid-C Daily Index ($) Energy Price
less than or equal to 30 the greater of $5.00 or Index + $2.00
30+ Index *1.07

An executed Enabling Agreement is mandatory and must be received by Chelan PUD Power Scheduling personnel one day prior to using the service.  Fax the executed copy of the Enabling Agreement to Chelan Preschedule, 509-661-8138.

A Preschedule Transmission Loss Provider Form, available by clicking at the right, must be filled out and faxed or emailed to Chelan County PUD.  Email the completed form to or fax to 509-661-8138.