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At Chelan County PUD, we count knowledge and information among our most valuable assets. We dedicate millions of dollars to research, and we use what we learn to protect and enhance the environment for fish and wildlife while producing clean, renewable energy. We believe that sharing knowledge can help us all be better stewards of our world.

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Learning across two continents recognized by U.S. Energy Association

by Kimberlee Craig | May 24, 2019
Chelan PUD staff honored with Corporate Volunteer Award for work in Uganda

Chelan County PUD today received the 2019 Corporate Volunteer Award from the United States Energy Association (USEA) for the utility’s work with the Ugandan Electricity Generation Company, Ltd (UEGCL).

Two PUD staff traveled to Uganda in 2018 to collaborate with UEGCL on a range of energy issues. Janel Ulrich, PUD generation and asset program manager and John Yale, PUD hydro engineering manager, were sponsored by USEA to make the visit possible.

During the exchange, the PUD staff helped UEGCL assess its asset management strategies and improve operations and maintenance procedures. Ulrich led a team at UEGCL headquarters to certify employees in ISO 55000, an international standard that covers asset management. Yale visited one of the new hydropower plants and was able to offer vital commissioning and O&M tips.

“It was an eye-opening opportunity for me,” said Yale, who has decades of hydro engineering experience. “We were awe-struck by the extraordinary level of education of many UEGCL staff.”

The two organizations also have met for tours and information sharing at Chelan PUD facilities, briefings at the Bonneville Power Administration and during an international Asset Management Conference in California.

“We have all learned so much through the relationship between Chelan PUD and UEGCL,” said Ulrich. The goal is that the peer-to-peer relationship will continue into the future.

The United States Energy Association (USEA) is an association of public and private energy-related organizations, corporations and government agencies. USEA represents the broad interests of the U.S. energy sector by increasing the understanding of energy issues, both domestically and internationally.


Photo caption: Chelan PUD Generation & Asset Program Manager Janel Ulrich and PUD Board President Garry Arseneault accept the USEA Corporate Volunteer Award

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