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At Chelan County PUD, we count knowledge and information among our most valuable assets. We dedicate millions of dollars to research, and we use what we learn to protect and enhance the environment for fish and wildlife while producing clean, renewable energy. We believe that sharing knowledge can help us all be better stewards of our world.

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Never a dull moment at your Chelan PUD

by Kimberlee Craig | Jan 29, 2019
You’ll be hearing a lot from us soon – don’t miss the chance join the conversation

More definitely is more when it comes to talking with our customer-owners. You are the heart of public power.

Chelan County PUD is looking for your input during the next several months when discussions about a new strategic plan, as well as a new centralized location for PUD services get underway. All PUD customers are asked to let us know about how you think we can provide the best utility service for the most people for the longest period of time.

Customers will be hearing from us a lot in the next few months. These important conversations will guide District operations for years into the future.

Please respond!

The PUD will be asking the community lots and lots of questions. These may be through formal surveys, or commentary on social media sites, or simply asking you to email us with your ideas. We value your time, and however much you’re willing to share with us, to answer important questions about:

  • Strategic planning through 2024
  • The potential for combining utility operations and customer services
  • Investing in our grid to meet growing electric load & ensure reliable power

You’ll find details on strategic planning at soon and background on Service Center planning at Look for updates on new infrastructure at, too.

The more customers and community members involved gives us a better idea on how to work on quality of life issues here in Chelan County. Join us! More is definitely more.

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