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Varmints wreak havoc with electric service

by Suzanne Hartman | Sep 12, 2018

Squirrel factsWondering why your power or computer is a bit jumpy lately? Well, just like clockwork, you can count on some areas in our community getting harassed by varmints like squirrels and rats and chewing into power lines. It’s hard to predict where they will show up, but this year it seems like it’s in the central residential area of Wenatchee that is served by the Saddle Rock substation. The street boundaries are basically Washington Street on the North; the Canal to the west; Highland Drive on the east; and Crawford Street on the West.

“They really are a nuisance,” says Customer Service Director, Andy Wendell. “And the tough part is, we never know where they will show up next. It seems that they started a little earlier this year in the (area) – even as early as February.”

Since early this year, the PUD has received numerous calls around the area about flickering lights and erratic internet service. The culprit is vermin. In fact, the little pests are very active right now, probably getting ready for winter.

“We recommend that people be diligent about clearing out trash, old pipes, wood piles, dense vegetation or other places where the pests can hide or find food,” adds Wendell. “Rodents are known to get into power lines, transformers and substations and causing outages. Customers can help us keep their power reliable by keeping areas where they can hide cleaned up.”

If your power does go out, you can call the PUD’s 24-hour outage line at 1-877-783-8123.