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Reminder: Chelan Falls Powerhouse Park to close on July 30

by Kimberlee Craig | Jul 16, 2018
Walkway repairs and bathroom updates at other Chelan Valley parks also planned

Chelan PUD wants to remind park visitors that repairing shoreline erosion will require closing Chelan Falls Powerhouse Park for about 10 weeks to restore and improve riverbank stability. The closure will start July 30 and run through Oct. 26.

Park users are encouraged to visit other nearby PUD parks during that time. They are:

The work at Powerhouse Park will preserve the park shoreline today and for future generations. Fishing below the powerhouse from paddle-powered boats is allowed during the park closure.

Before the closure, park visitors may see a contract crew repairing cracked walkways and sealing the asphalt. Please watch for signs and follow the arrows to get around the work.

Also, visitors to other PUD parks in the Chelan area will see asphalt repair and bathroom updates starting Monday. There will be portable restrooms to use during the day and the restrooms will be open in the evenings. A contractor is installing new partitions.

New partitions in the restrooms at Beebe Bridge Park will be installed after Labor Day when there are fewer campers.