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Rebuilding power line to Slide Ridge communications site starts this week

by Kimberlee Craig | Aug 10, 2017
Wildfire destroyed the south shore power line in 2015. Rebuilding the 1-mile distribution line will restore power to important communications equipment on the ridge

SlideRidgeMapA contractor for Chelan County PUD starts work this week to rebuild the overhead power line and restore service to communications sites on Slide Ridge, 22 miles up lake from Chelan.  Wildfire destroyed the south shore power line in 2015.   Rebuilding the 1-mile distribution line will restore power to important communications equipment on the ridge.

Whitefish Energy, of Whitefish Mont. is building the new power line on the same route. A work crew will hand-dig holes for the steel power poles, working downhill on the steep slope from the ridge to the lake. A helicopter will transport the workers onto the ridge and will be used to install the new poles and wire, said Project Manager John Goodwill.

The new line will restore power to communications equipment used by agencies and businesses, as well as a TV translator.  They include:

  • National Park Service
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Lake Chelan Boat Club
  • Up lake radio telephone users
  • Holden Mine remediation engineers
  • Chelan TV
  • Lake Chelan Radio Club

The work includes having fire protection on the job site as a precaution. Drivers are asked to use caution on South Lakeshore, Shady Pass and Slide Ridge roads and to be on the lookout for trucks and heavy equipment headed to the job site.

The work is expected to be done in about four weeks at an estimated cost of $534,000. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and state funds are covering a part of the project cost.   


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