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They're back! That Guy/Lady 2.0

by Kimberlee Craig | Jul 14, 2017
Popular Chelan PUD Parks Etiquette campaign adds two new video clips

The wildly popular Chelan County PUD Parks videos perhaps not-so-gently reminding park users about some simple things to remember when using parks and trails are getting a refresh with two new vignettes.

Parks Etiquette 2.0 again features local actors – along with Chelan PUD employee “extras” – reminding folks about simple things that can make the park experience enjoyable for everyone. The new videos feature a message of walking in pairs – not in fours/sixes or more on the trails so people can easily pass by; and then a more catch-all vignette about proper parking, not littering and walking on the right hand side of the trail (We aren’t in England, after all). The new videos can be found here.

The 2016 Don’t Be That Guy/Lady not only were a hit locally, but also resulted in a number of local, regional and national communication awards. Designed to be primarily a social media campaign, the PUD also placed the videos at Gateway Cinema for viewing before the movie starts, as well as on local cable programming. And, the campaign got results – anecdotally, Parks staff notice an increase in dogs on leashes, picking up after your pooch, announcing when you are behind someone or going to pass and more sticking to the posted speed limits on the trail.

All of the videos were created and produced by local video production company North40. Chelan PUD welcomes input for That Guy/Lady 3.0!